What PACE students have to say

I’m using my B.A. in Leadership and Ministry every day! – Tim Stobbe, BA Leadership and Ministry

I was drawn to the value and importance, actually the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is an emphasis on learning, so that you can be used according to God’s plan and purpose for your life. – Loretta Arkell, Current Student

One evening a week and one course at a time fits perfectly into my life; it presents the right PACE! – Greta Blysma, BA Leadership and Ministry

To be surrounded by adult learners who also experienced God’s call on their lives provides for instant connectedness. We’re all in the same boat; it no longer feels like a kayak. – Greta Blysma, BA Leadership and Ministry

EVERY prof and course was great, and one thing we were watching for (especially initially) was that there was no straying from Biblical principles into liberalism and no drifting towards ‘modernized’ attitudes which have become so ‘all encompassing’ in our world today. We wanted to know what God revealed to the people at the time through the writers, and how that message applies to us today. We wanted to look at Him as He teaches us, and then see how that vertical direction from Him is passed on through horizontal discipleship. I said ‘initially’ because it soon became clear that the Bible was, and is the authority at Alberta Bible College. – Roger Hewitt, Former Student

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