Life of a student: Erika

What are your ministry goals?

I want to bring people to Christ to expand the Kingdom of God and have a deeper relationship with him.

What degree do you want to complete?

I am going to complete a Christian Ministries degree. My interest is in counselling so the professional studies electives I’ll take will be counselling related.

How have the practical ministry opportunities provided by ABC assisted you in ministry?

I would have to say it has helped in so many ways. First off it has helped me put into practice what I’ve learned in the class as well as to be more open minded to people, to what they believe and do it without judging them.

Practical ministries opportunities has opened me up to see people as children of God instead of people that don’t have value; the invisible of our society. There are so many people who have spiritual needs they don’t see they have and I’ve been challenged to figure out how to bring the gospel to them where they are right now.

Why did you choose ABC?

It’s a combination of my own challenges that I have faced in the story of my life and a conversation I had with a leader at my church. She talked about Jesus and all the things she had learned at ABC and it motivated me to look into the college.

How has your time at ABC influenced your relationship with God?

My answer to this is a bit of a circle. My time here has challenged me in my personal life, which has brought me closer to God. It is so important to me to see God for who he is not who I want or need him to be. In this process of having my understanding opened I feel I am becoming more Christ-like, which in turn is challenging me more in my personal life. I still have further to go but I’m excited I’m on the right track.

I just want to add a note here that one of the areas of spiritual gifting God has opened up in me in this process of growth is I find I have the ability to encourage people who are struggling in their faith. God is using me and this is a rich blessing to me.

What are the top reasons someone should attend ABC?

Five reasons that come to mind are: To have a deeper understanding of Christ; To find out who they are in Christ; To Gain some direction in what God may have in store for their life; To learn to stand firm on what they believe; and To gain tools and understanding that can be put into practice and be a change in the world for the kingdom of God.

What ministry or spiritual experiences have shaped your life?

One experience I had was when I travelled with the ABC’s “Youth Alive in Christ” team.

During the summer the college sends out a select number of students to different camps and churches in Western Canada. I was fortunate enough to join the team. Over the summer as I wore different hats, ministry wise, I learned: how to trust God in a leadership position; that God is always working in the people around me and in myself; that God is in all things, even the little insignificant things; that it’s not about the singing, it is about the heart and the attitude that someone comes with to lead the singing; and I also learned to trust in myself, God has given me gifts that he knows I can handle such as Leading worship.

Feel free to share any information about yourself that you feel defines who you are and your relationship with God or your ministry.

One thing I see about myself is my relationship with God is growing. God is calling me to seek him out so I can discover what his purpose is for my life. To know that Christ is in me and changing me is exciting. He is changing both my head (knowledge) and my heart (the things I do and relationships). How can I not praise him?

Who am I? Things I have and am discovering about myself are: My favorite verse: 1 John 4:8; I care more about others than myself; it breaks my heart to see people that I am close to hurting; I am open to helping people when I have time; no matter what the situation is, I still need to love; my family values are important to me and the sacrifice that they made for me to be in Canada, I know God can move mountains; I do my best to accept everybody for who they are; and I work hard for what I have and I don’t mind sharing what I have with others because I know that God is faithful.

My ministry is: I care for people; I see what I can do to help people; I have a heart for service; I am, most of the time, open to listen to what is on a person’s heart; I seek to see each person as a child of God, to see past the brokenness and the hurt and the bad choices, and to rejoice in the good things that happen in their lives; and I have a passion to see youth come to Christ and to see them take up positions as leaders.