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eBooks (EBSCOhost)

Through EBSCOhost we have access to hundreds of online eBooks! This database is very useful, but there are some things that you should know about it.

  1. When you’re off campus you’ll need to sign in to access eBooks. Your username will be your ABC campus email address (Example and your PIN will be the last 4 digits of the phone number you provided ABC. If this doesn’t work contact your librarian at
  2. Most (but not all!) eBooks work just like physical books: only 1 person can read them at a time. If the book you’re looking at is a required material for a class assignment, consider downloading just the pages you need and then closing out of the eBook for your fellow students to use.
  3. Downloading pages is not available for all eBooks, but when it is, you’ll find the option on the top left. First, open the eBook as either an EPUB Full Text file or a PDF (top left after you’ve clicked on the specific eBook). Then click on ‘save pages’. The number in the yellow box will tell you how many pages you are allowed to save (occasionally this will be 0).

Still have questions? Feel free to contact your librarian at and we’ll do all we can to assist!

Search Electronic Books

Online Journals

Did you know we have access to two online journal databases? The ATLA Religion Database with Serials and Christian Periodical Index have thousands of peer reviewed journal articles and can be a huge help for sources when writing a tricky paper. Access is very similar to e-Books. You will need to login.

Search the ATLA Religion Database with Serials

Search the Christian Periodical Index

Interlibrary Loans (The Alberta Library Online)

TAL allows us to access books from almost any library in Alberta, so if the book is out there, we can probably get it. Be warned though, because it’s from a library system outside of our own the checkout periods tend to be more strict and fines for late items steeper.

Please note that the item will be sent to be picked up at the library you choose. Thus you might NOT want to access this through ABC unless you want to pick you book up here. However, most local public libraries also have access to this service. Talk to your local library to register and to get their specific rules for Interlibrary Loans.

Talk to your librarian for more help or information.

The Alberta Library (TAL) Online

TAL Card

Students can get a TAL card from their home library for free which will allow them to take out physical books from almost every library in the province.

In British Columbia a similar program is called BC OneCard.

In Saskatchewan the Saskatchewan Information Library Services Consortium seems to run a similar program.

Talk to your library about a TAL Card.

If you are a student here, that can be us (but you’d need to physically be here at the library). In most cases you can also get this at your local public library, that being another home library for you.

Once a TAL card is registered at a home library, it can be used to sign out physical books at any other participating library. TAL card holders will have to sign up/register with THAT library on their TAL card too, just not in the home library slot.

You may also return resources to that library.

Note: Online resources are usually only available through home libraries.

TAL Card

One Card

Saskatchewan Information Library Services

Librarian Assistance

Your librarian has limited work hours! Please see the schedule:

I am available to help navigate any of these resources or to tell you about ones you might have missed.

I can show you better search techniques and how to broaden or narrow your results.

I cannot give you a list of resources to use in your paper.

I cannot edit your citations (I’m just as likely to get them wrong as you are) but I CAN give you access to resources that can help, both people and guides and get you started.

Academic Coach

Did you know that ABC has an Academic coach/tutor? David Ross is here to help with all of your research, writing, or citation needs, and he’s here to help for free! Check back for his hours of availability, or check with you librarian.

Access help with writing assignments