The Library exists to provide the students and faculty with the necessary resources to support the curriculum offered by the college.
We also invite any Christian leaders to come and study, connect, and prepare.

What's New at the Library?

Library Changes in Response to Covid-19

  1. Due to ABC’s closure the posted librarian hours calendar is now void. If you need to get into contact with the librarian for any reason, please reach her at and she will reply as quickly as possible.
  2. No overdue fines will be charged for items checked out while we are closed. You may still receive overdue messages, but when the items are returned the fines will be waived.
  3. If you need a physical book, the library will be mailing out holds. Simply put a hold on the item you require in the catalog, or if you’re having troubles logging in, message me at Further information about how to do this will be coming, but this service will be FREE.
  4. Reference items will not be mailed, but we will scan sections and email them to you. Notify us as to the title of the item, it’s call number, and the section you need and we will see that you get them.
  5.  The library has a TON of online resources. Check out our Research Resources in the sidebar on the right, and our instruction handouts posted here. I suggest you pay extra attention to our e-books (and the instructions on how to use them) as well as ATLA, our online journal database.

This is an extremely difficult and unusual time, but the library still aims to support you in your courses here at ABC. Our hearts and prayers go out to our city and our world as everyone is affected. Stay safe.

How to Get a Hold during Covid

How to Access Library Resources during Covid

Midterm Madness-Madness-Madness…

Have you heard? This Thursday the Library will be open CRAZY late for Midterm Madness. Take some time to study up with food and snacks (outside the library) and access to librarian assistance the whole time.

Thursday, March 12, 6:30pm-10:30pm.


Well, they aren’t precisely ‘new’, but they are newly reorganized. And not just magazines either, but academic journals as well!

If you didn’t know it yet the library houses an impressive collection of Christian titles, from the highly relevant ‘Christian Research Journal’ to the scholarly’ Didaktikos’. Right now these resources are for in library use only, but they’re kept in a cozy nook just off of the main floor of the library with comfortable couches and chairs to snuggle up in while you read.

And, I’ll tell you a secret, they’re also fighting for their lives. They need people to use them so that we can justify keeping them around.

So do your librarian a favor; Take a look at our magazines today! (and be sure to mark the Stats sheet!)

Where is the Librarian?

Librarian's PictureIt’s a question I hear- well, I don’t hear it at all actually, because the fact that I’m not there is kind of the point! But I want to help you in your search for, well, me and give you the best chance of getting in contact to get help.

First off, I don’t know if you know this, but the Librarian at ABC only works part time. Sadly, this means that I’m not always there whenever the library is open. But I am here 20 hours a week, and I want to make sure you know how to find when those hours are.

Location 1: The easiest way to see when I’ll be in is to stop by the library itself! In the window by the main door you’ll see my hours posted for the next two months. Take a photo, and then you can check it the next time you need help!

Location 2: Have you noticed the ‘Hours and Contact Information’ link on the side bar? If you click that and scroll down you’ll see an online calendar of when I’m in! Pretty nifty, eh?

Location 3: Right down at the bottom of the sidebar you’ll see a button that says ‘Librarian Availability Calendar’ if you click that it will take you off of ABC’s website to a Google calendar. If you want you can save this calendar to your phone to see at any time. It will only ever show my hours, nothing else.

If you need to get a hold of me and I’m just not there, I suggest trying my email before resorting to the library phone. I check that first thing whenever I’m in and try to prioritize student questions.

And, if it’s one of my days here and you still don’t see me in the office, take a look at the sign on the office door. That’ll tell you approximately how long I expected to be out of the office for and whether or not you should wait for me. If it says I’m in (but I’m not) I should be back VERY soon.

What can(‘t) you do at the Library?

Policies. They’re dry, boring, and tend to restrict your freedom. But they’re there for a reason. The Library tries to have as few of them as possible for your comfort, but there are a few that we think you should know.

1. The Library is a Quiet(ish) Space

We LOVE getting to know all of our patrons, and that requires conversation, but asides from that, we try to keep the library a quiet space where students can study and concentrate in peace. Upstairs is the whisper zone, and up there should be absolutely silent (unless we’re showing someone how to find a book) and downstairs, while quiet and short conversations are okay (asking for help or saying hello) we ask that long or loud conversations are taken outside of the library to the student center.

For the same reason, we ask that cell phone conversations also be taken out of the library space.

2. No Food, but some Drinks

No matter how careful you are, food has crumbs and oils and smells and those things can wreck books really easily (if not directly by attracting critters). We have a lot of old and rare books that we’d rather not have to get rid of, which is why we request that you don’t eat at all within the library.

Drinks are dangerous to… but we really don’t want to take that away if we don’t have to. Therefore, drinks in SEALED containers are allowed, like coffee travel mugs or water bottles. However, an open mug from the student center just won’t cut it, sorry.

3. Fines and Lost Charges

We really don’t like taking your money, but… if a book is utterly lost or damaged beyond usability… we’re going to have to charge you. And sadly, because our books rarely are, the charges can be steep. So please, keep track of and take care of your books so we don’t have to have this problem!

We do also charge overdue fines, though those are a bit more flexible. Though they cost 50 cents per day, per item, we AREN’T going to charge you just because a librarian wasn’t in that day to check them in. ABC is in the business of grace, so if you have any questions about charges on your account, please come to talk to the librarian in person and we’ll see what we can do.

New Library Website!

What’s new at the Library? Well this website for one! Refurbished, redesigned, and redeveloped (and any other re- words I can think of!) this website has been re-ordered (knew I could find one!) for easier student use.

Lost already? Start by taking a look at the Library sidebar on the right side of the screen. that should have links to anything you need to know.

Are you just looking for the links to our resources (eBooks, online journals, etc.) that used to be on this front page? They still exist! Click on ‘Research Resources’ in the side bar and it’ll take you right to them.

Frustrated with change or wanting to tell me about something that needs to be fixed? Feel free to click the ‘Contact Us’ button on the bottom left for an email straight to me. Or, if you’re more of a face to face type person, click on ‘Librarian Availability Calendar’ to see when I’m next in.

I encourage you all to spend a little time clicking around here and getting the hang of this site. Who knows! You might find out about something you never knew we had!