Community Life

Faculty and Staff

All teaching, guidance, modeling, and mentoring by faculty and staff is towards the goal of helping students mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28-29; Ephesians 4:15). Where discipline of students is necessary, it is restorative and administered with gentleness and humility (Galatians 6:1).

Student Body Membership and Fees

As per the ABC Student Body Constitution, student body members are those students who are enrolled in ten credit hours or more per semester, as well as those students who are enrolled in six or more credit hours per semester but exempt from student body participation and/or Field Experience.

Student body members pay $125 in fees per semester. These fees are managed by the student leadership team and the Student Development Dean after a budget is approved by student body members through a formal voting process in September.

Student Body Leadership

Student body members are encouraged to participate in formal leadership roles within the student body. The student leadership team consists of students who assume responsibility for highlighting the priority areas of study, prayer, service, and community. Other leadership development opportunities are available as students oversee special events during the academic year.


Some ABC students choose to live in room and board situations, while others continue to remain at home with family in Calgary. However, ABC also recognizes the educational value of apartment living and roommate relationships as young adults develop independence and acquire life skills. Learning how to live in community with a small group of peers can be another aspect of spiritual formation.

Rather than providing dormitories, ABC encourages students to live together in households off campus. Upon request, Student Development assists students in finding suitable accommodation and forming household groupings. Staff are also available to work with students to create guidelines for household life and provide guidance with landlord relations as necessary.

Students from outside of Calgary who desire ABC’s assistance in forming a household must submit a completed “Housing Questionnaire” along with their application by August 1. Student Development will be much more limited in helping those who apply after this deadline.


Students often find it necessary to work part-time. Working provides opportunities to develop additional skills; it also clarifies potential occupational interests.
The following guideline is designed to help students balance work and academic commitments:

Academic Load (weekly)             Employment
15 – 17 hours                               14 hours or less
12 – 14 hours                               14 – 20 hours
10 – 12 hours                               20 – 30 hours
6 – 10 hours                               30 hours or more

Vocational Discernment

ABC believes that every individual has an important role to play in God’s ongoing redemptive story. Students are provided with various opportunities to consider how their individual interests and abilities can be lived in service to God.

Each January ABC students participate in Vocational Opportunities Day, an event which creates space for students to consider God’s work in the world and where he may be calling them to participate in that work when their time at ABC is finished.

Involvement in Field Experience is especially helpful for students in understanding who God created them to be. Faculty and staff welcome conversations with students who seek guidance about vocational choices as they discern God’s call on their lives.

Personal/Sexual Harassment and Assault

A copy of ABC’s Harassment and Assault Policy and Protocols is available in the Community Life Guide, which students receive when they begin their studies at ABC.

Student Grievances and Complaints

The Student Grievance and Complaint Policy provides the structure for students to exercise the right of grievance between and amongst students, as well as the structure to grieve the actions of staff and instructors. The structure may also be applied to Board policy. A copy of this policy is available in the Community Life Guide, which students receive when they begin their studies at ABC.