Spiritual Care of Older Adults


Class size limits are in place, so register soon

Class size limitations in place


“I would have handled my visit with a 93-year-old woman this week very differently had I known this information.”

– A senior pastor lamented after his session with Annette & Marlette


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Marlette Reed BEd MA & Dr Annette Lane RN PhD






What is the course about?

This course explains the issues faced by older adults, such as retirement, health issues, moves (including to nursing homes), as well as dying and death. The instructors address existential struggles that older Christians may face, as well as latent family issues that are evoked through the difficulties faced by older adults.

It prepares pastors and pastors-to-be in providing knowledge about older adulthood – its joys and challenges – and tools for ministering to this priceless component of the Church.

It prepares children of aging parents to help manage the process and complex relationships with honor, and with meaning as you work through this transition of life, together.

Care-Givers and Pastors

For the first time in Canadian history Seniors outnumber children  (Census 2016)

The North American Church is Aging!

“The future (of the Church) belongs to the old.” Seniors are “the hidden treasure.” – Charles Arn and Win Arn

As the church, we train people to assist youth, families, singles, divorced, young adults, and more, but assisting seniors is left ad hoc & uninformed.  Our new reality demands we remember them. This course will prepare you pastors and pastoral care workers in how to minister well to this important sub-population.

Sons & Daughters of Aging ParentsProfessional Adult Christian Education

HOW do we have the important conversations? And When?

What kind of counsel can I give them when they have lived longer than me? How do I help them frame this season and its decisions so they can grow into them?

What do I say when:

  • they lose all their friends and siblings,
  • they experience depression,
  • they request assisted death,
  • they don’t want to leave home,
  • they move to a senior care facility

…How do I love them?

Marlette: “As people are getting close to ‘the veil’ they often have a sense that there is more coming, and have a sense that they need to prepare. And some, even without a religious background begin to ask, ‘What do I need to do now?‘”

Spiritual care…except when they have dementia, right?

Annette: “You can still work with people spiritually, even as they are going down with their dementia, as they have less and less ability to respond.”

Class size limits are in place, so register soon

Class size limitations in place


Nov 1,2 & 15,16  – Fridays 6 pm – 8:30 pm  |  Saturdays 8:30 am – 5 pm

At Alberta Bible College | 635 Northmount Dr NW

This is a fully accredited course (3 credits) towards a Degree/Diploma

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