Unless otherwise stated, all scholarships are listed in Canadian dollars and will be administered in compliance with the following scholarship procedure and policies:

  • Scholarships apply to tuition only and must be used over two semesters
  • Recipients must maintain a minimum 2.0 G.P.A. in all semesters of study to which the scholarship funding is applied, failure to maintain a 2.0 G.P.P requires repayment of scholarship monies received
  • Must be used within two years of being awarded
  • Applied only to tuition
  • Non-transferable
  • To a maximum of 75% of tuition per semester

To receive the required application forms or additional details for any of the following scholarships, please email the Enrollment Officer at

Scholarships for Incoming Students

Scholarships are awarded by the Director’s Cabinet. Contact the Enrollment Office for further information. Application deadline for all scholarships for incoming students is August 15

Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

  • A tuition scholarship of $2000 is available to an incoming student showing superior academic achievement and ministry promise
  • Enrolled in full-time classes (12 or more credits), including Field Experience, for the fall semester
  • Have achieved a grade average 90% or higher in the last two semesters of study (based on official transcript evaluation)

Athletic Scholarship

  • One tuition scholarship of $1,000 available to a new applicant
  • Competitive
  • Recipients must demonstrate athletic excellence during high school
  • Application requires an essay demonstrating the integration of athletics and Christian faith
  • Applicants must complete an interview with ABC’s Student Development Team

Benoit Leadership Scholarship

  • One tuition scholarship of $1000 is available to first year applicants
  • Competitive
  • Application requires an essay and three references

Leaders In Training Scholarship

  • A $500 scholarship is available to students in grade 11 or 12 who demonstrate exemplary service or leadership
  • Camp administration to nominate in writing (email acceptable)
  • Contact

Church Leadership Scholarship

  • A scholarship is available to accepted students who demonstrate exemplary service or leadership within the church
  • ABC will match the church’s contribution up to $1000
  • Recommendation and reference letter to be made by appropriate pastoral leadership
  • Contact for further information

Scholarships for Returning Students

Scholarships are awarded by the Director’s Cabinet by April 15. Contact the President for further details

Earl Bergman Scholarship

  • A tuition scholarship of up to $1,500 is to students consistently involved in the evangelistic ministry of a local congregation

John and Lillian Bergman Scholarship

  • Two or more tuition scholarships of $1,500 per year are available to promising students who demonstrate financial need, and throughout the course of their studies, have shown consistent interest and engagement in pastoral ministry, both in formal programming and/or informal initiative

Boyd Lammiman Scholarship

  • A tuition scholarship of $1,200 available to a person doing or aspiring to do intercultural ministry

Dorothy Chapman Scholarship

  • A tuition scholarship of $1,200 available to a student who demonstrates commitment to children’s or women’s ministry

Jim Chapman Preaching Scholarship

  • A tuition scholarship of $1,200 available to a student enrolled at Alberta Bible College who is actively preaching and ministering in an under-served congregation

Edna Hunt Scholarship

  • A tuition scholarship of $1,200 available to a returning student who demonstrates consistent interest and engagement among people of other cultures

Gateway Youth Scholarship

  • One tuition scholarship of $1,500 available to a student showing consistent interest in working with youth

Outstanding Student Scholarship

  • A scholarship, equivalent to one semester’s tuition, is awarded to the full-time student who demonstrates Christian character, academic excellence, student body involvement and Christian service in balance over the course of a full year of their program

Summer Ministry Scholarship

  • Tuition scholarship is available to current ABC students who provide satisfactory leadership through the Summer Ministry component of Field Experience
  • Must be used in the academic year immediately following the period of summer ministry
  • Application to be made through the Field Experience Coordinator by April 15

Additional Scholarships and Assistance

Alberta Heritage Fund Scholarships/Alexander Rutherford Scholarships

  • Qualified Alberta students may apply for an Alberta Heritage Fund Scholarship
  • Forms are available from Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund, Students’ Finance Board, 10th Floor, Baker Centre, 10025 – 106 St., Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1G7  or on-line

Government of Alberta Loans & Bursaries

  • ABC is recognized as an eligible institution for the Canada Student Loans Plan. Students registered as program students with PACE and as full-time students with College programs qualify as full-time students. Begin loan applications early because tuition must be paid in full prior to beginning the semester, or for PACE prior to the beginning of each course.  Loan forms are usually available on-line. Visit the website for further information: . Please note that loans are repayable.

Life Long Learning Program

  • This initiative of the Government of Canada allows students to borrow funds from their RRSP’s toward education. For further information check the website:

Spousal Discount

  • The PACE Program offers a tuition discount to the spouse of a full-time PACE student. The tuition discount applies to any PACE course, provided the program student is enrolled in a course at the same time.


  • In addition, many community organizations, banks, businesses and churches offer scholarships of their own
  • Check with the guidance counselor of your local high school for scholarships, grants and bursaries in your local community

Supporting Churches and Ministries of Alberta Bible College are those who contribute more than $1250 per year to the operating budget.