Life of a student: Jackson

What are your ministry goals?

My goal right now is to be a worship leader. However, over time I am open to the idea of shepherding a church and also working in youth ministry, I’m very much a “serve with my hands” guy.

What degree do you want to complete?

I’m shooting for the Bachelor of Theology degree and everything is looking on track for that to happen.

How have the practical ministry opportunities provided by ABC assisted you in ministry?

I find if left to my own I drift toward head knowledge, learning everything I can learn. The opportunities ABC has opened up to me have helped me be more balanced between learning and doing. This is where the rubber meets the road, being with people and building relationships while learning.

Why did you choose Alberta Bible College (ABC)?

I was finishing the one year degree certificate at Mount Carmel in Edmonton and knew I wanted to get a degree. Mount Carmel hosted a number of schools that offered different degree programs that I was interested in. The reasons I chose ABC were they would transfer all my courses from Mount Carmel so I could start ABC as a second year student and the tuition was also very reasonable for me.

How has your time at ABC influenced your relationship with God?

One of the influences is I have come to appreciate is that God does as God does (Jer 29), not my preconceived understanding of what God should do. I would say I am more open minded, truth is bigger than me.

What are the top reasons someone should attend ABC?

A couple of reasons come to mind right away. The first reason, that is so important to me, is I’ve found that the prof’s doors are always open. If I have a question or I want to discuss something the profs are willing to take the time to listen and dialogue. Other reason why people should think of ABC is ABC has low tuition and you can get scholarships to make schooling even more affordable. Some of the scholarships are simply applied for but the scholarships I really like are the ones I can work for. ABC is really focused on making the knowledge we gain practical by granting scholarships for doing ministry. I like that.

What ministry or spiritual experiences have shaped your life?

When I was at Mount Carmel we were sent into the streets with $20 in our pocket and told to use it to help someone. I met a guy, whose name I later found out was Matt, and I offered to take him for lunch. By the time we parted company I not only had the chance of seeing him eat a healthy meal but I also gave him my jacket since he didn’t have one and the weather wasn’t very good. It was during then that I experienced the scriptures. Here I was serving Jesus (Matt 25) but I was also Jesus at that moment (John 14) by serving Matt. I was serving the “least of these”, who Jesus associated himself with while at the same time being Jesus. God boggles my mind on how he works.

Feel free to share any information about yourself that you feel defines who you are and your relationship with God or your ministry.

I would say I’m definitely a thinker more than a feeler. I have a tendency to over analyze things because to me the intellect is superior. I find myself more prone to just go to scriptures instead of merging scriptures with experience. In pursuing God, God has challenged me to change and I would say I am growing in this area and am learning that knowledge and experience go hand in hand. I’m discovering the joy of serving and seeing the smile and I’m excited when I see someone draw close to God. This is the only good.