Other Financial Options

Summer work

Working even part-time during your high school years and the summer prior to attending college can be a huge help in financing your education. It has been said that “it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you SAVE” in your time of working that makes the difference. While there are always fun things to spend your money on, you must decide what your priorities are and spend – or save – your money accordingly.

Local employment

Many of our students work part-time throughout their program to help pay for their education and living expenses. Numerous jobs are available for students in Calgary. Additionally, ABC is located on a major bus route with providing access to various employment opportunities beyond the immediate area of the college.

Classes are held Tuesday through Friday which allows students to schedule work during weekday evenings and Saturday through Monday anytime.

The following guideline is designed to help you balance work commitments and academic load.

  • If your weekly academic load is:
  • 15-17 hours
  • 12-14 hours
  • 10-12 hours
  • 6-10 hours
  • Your weekly outside work load may be:
  • 14 hours or less
  • 14-20 hours
  • 20-30 hours
  • 30 hours or more


Family contribution

It is important to note that the Canadian government expects families to contribute to their children’s education. In the eyes of the government, students are considered dependent on their parents until they have been out of high school for four years, are married, or have spent significant time in the workforce full-time. This is important to consider when planning your finances, especially if you are considering student loans. Be aware that your family’s income will be considered in your loan application if you are still considered a dependent.