Evangel — Summer 2015


First Words

Dr. Stan Helton: First words, like first impressions, can be long lasting. So I’m mindful these are my first words in the Evangel as the incoming president. My first word, carefully chosen, is Christ.

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Your Legacy

Those who met my Dad knew him as a friendly, happy, Godly man who loved his family and every other person with whom he came in contact. He was a blessing to all who knew him. Since he passed away we have been dealing with his will and my parents’ belongings.

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Campus News

Upcoming Courses

Commencement Weekend Highlights

Alberta Bible College celebrated its 83rd Commencement Weekend April 24-26, 2015.

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Growing in Grace in a Sexually Broken World

“For followers of Jesus Christ, there is something more important than our sexual identity. That is our identity in Christ.” So spoke pastors, Guy and Cathy Hammond of Strength in Weakness Ministries to the sixty-one people attending all or part of this year’s Western Canadian Leadership Summit in early May.

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Pay attention please!

Investing in disciples—it’s important. We know we are supposed to do it—but we can make it such a “big deal” that we doubt that we have what it takes, or that we have anything to offer someone else. But investing in someone’s spiritual journey can begin by simply learning to “pay attention.”

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Faculty Profile

Keith Shields, Adjunct Professor

Teaching “With Christ…Investing in disciples.” Jesus was, and is, first and foremost a Rabbi. There are many references to people greeting him as “Teacher,” and he chose disciples in the manner of a Rabbi or Teacher in that culture. As an adjunct faculty member at Alberta Bible College I am very much aware that teaching is not about broadcasting copious quantities of information.

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Keeping PACE

Robert Slimm, Stories, and Mountain Movement

Robert Slimm was one of eleven children born to an atheist Mother and an agnostic Father. Both parents came to faith when they immigrated to Alberta from England after the War. The family moved with work, and with each move, became part of a different congregation, Baptist, Moravian, Brethren, Alliance, and so forth.

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Student Summer Service

Save These Dates – PYPA & Emerge

Learning While Serving

What are you doing with your summer? For most of us, summer is a time to sit back a little and relax, maybe even take a vacation. It is undeniable; the now quiet hallways are indication that ABC’s regular program slows down during the summer. It doesn’t come to a full stop though.

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From the Trustees

Report from the Board of Trustees

In this Evangel and the next, the Board will share what guides our thinking and decision-making. Although many brush fires distract us, keeping our eyes on our purpose keeps the focus on ABC’s priorities.

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From the Archives

Anecdotes from the Archives

This anecdote reminds us that being rooted in Scripture has been an ongoing priority for ABC, our faculty, and our supporting churches. ABC continues to keep that focus a major component of all programs.

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Alumni News

Alumni Association Update

Commencement weekend was a great celebration of the accomplishments and calling of the students, particularly the graduates. Hearing the unique ways each one is gifted and passionate about serving God is inspiring.

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Alumni Profile – Dustin Lammiman

For the past two years I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as the Youth and Young Adults Minister at the Calgary Church of Christ.

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Their Works Shall Follow Them…