Evangel — Summer 2013


God’s Communion and Ours

We live in an era flooded with communication, but in many ways contemporary culture lacks the depth of community that was often experienced in the past. Human touch and heartfelt conversation have been replaced with electronic texts. Neighbourhoods have become utilitarian subdivisions. Backyard conversations over the fence simply don’t happen, as we cocoon ourselves within our homes and passively receive images displayed on our televisions. Facebook is better than just passively receiving input, but the nature of sending out your status or sending out a tweet entails brief and typically shallow expressions of what is happening in the moment; or perhaps we just forward someone else’s thoughts about a contemporary issue!

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Campus News


Congratulations to Michelle Pearsall, PACE Coordinator, currently on maternity leave. Michelle and Chad are proud parents of SAWYER MATTHIAS, born May 19, 7 lb 14 oz, 22 cm long. Staff and faculty recently showered Sawyer with a basket of baby books.

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Leadership Summit: A Celebration of Hope

The Western Canadian Leadership Renewal Summit, hosted at ABC in early May, saw forty-seven leaders from across the West and several from the US, take part. It was two days of challenge considering the faith of youth. It was also a celebration of hope considering how to help Canadian young people to become faith engaged.

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Long time friends serve ABC as volunteer ministry colleagues

Don Cameron and R. Allan Dunbar combine years of diverse experience, leadership expertise and faithful Christian service as they work together as co-chairs of ABC’s Change Management Team. Both are long-time friends and supporters of ABC; both are passionate about developing leaders for the Kingdom of God; both recognize that retirement provides flexibility and opportunity to make significant contribution to ABC during this time of transition.

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Awards and Recognitions

Weekend Highlights

I’m a different person today than who I was when I first stepped into this college. And while some of you may or may not notice these differences, they are there. These changes and differences have emerged from God’s word, classes, textbooks, chapel times, prayer retreats and service projects. But I think most of all, the changes that have occurred in me to make me different have come from conversations.

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All Hands on Deck

In the last Evangel, I acknowledged I was in transition. Although I wasn’t certain what came next, I knew change was necessary. But yet now, I am again enthusiastically engaged in ABC’s mission as well as the community that surrounds and upholds this College. Those months of uncertainty were a growing experience…a faith-producing adventure that required reflection on God’s past faithfulness and anticipation of his continued faithfulness. Living with uncertainty is a journey to be done with others.

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Spring Ministry

Serving While Learning

Each spring, students have the opportunity to visit, serve and learn with a local congregation in Western Canada. In March, six students spent a week working with the Parkland Christian Church (Red Deer, AB). In April, ten students visited Westcoast Christian Church (Surrey, BC) and Vavenby Christian Church (Vavenby, BC.)

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Keeping PACE

When Usual Places Become Healing Ones

Professional Adult Christian Education is an innovative learning approach for adults over age 25. Of 186 ABC fouryear grads since 2000, eighty-five are from the PACE program. They graduate with a BA in Leadership and Ministry or a BA in Counselling and Ministry. A good number have also graduated with two-year diplomas in the same majors. They take 5-6 week modular courses, studying together for four hours one night/ week, plus an average of 8-12 hours/week on their own.

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From the Trustees

Rob’s Thoughts

Part of why I choose to participate in ABC as a trustee is because I believe the organizations that connect our churches need some care and attention.

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Alumni News


At the annual meeting during Commencement Weekend 2013 several new alumni from both the PACE and regular programs were welcomed as members. We appreciate that Matthew Morris has agreed to serve as Secretary, and Ryan McCulloch is now Vice-president.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts honouring the following people:

Bryan Baxter, John & Lillian Bergman, Alma Bull, Gordon Fraser, Frederick Olietschuk, Anne Semple, Chris Semple, Joseph Semple, Nancy Semple and Peggy Semple

have been received between March 27, 2013 and June 10, 2013 from the following people: Barbara Carbert, George Chapman, Dorcas Sewing Circle, Dale & Trish Ford, Don & Marilyn Lewis, Clayton & Ruth Midgett, Rick & Linn Rehn, Elizabeth Semple, Stanley & Stephany Stevens, Don & Elaine Watson.


I grew up in a fairly small community on Prince Edward Island. Family, friends and church muddled together into a multitude of relationships most of which were ‘born into’ or ‘grew into’.

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We voted to continue on with the 2011 Summer project of new library flooring at the cost of $11,000. Although this estimated cost is two years old we believe it is still an adequate amount to purchase sturdy flooring for a high traffic area.

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ABC alumni are located in congregations around the world. We are encouraging and inviting ABC’s larger community to take care of ABC students if they show up on your “doorsteps.” It takes courage to attend a new church in a new place, and for many of our students it is risky business.

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