Evangel — Summer 2012

Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts honouring the following people:

Neil Burt, Robert Carver, Aileen Case, Grace Dakin, Margaret Kaiser, Harry Matheson, Mildred McGowan, Eileen Nelson, Lynda Tweedie, and Ralph Whitrow

have been received between March 28, 2012 and June 13, 2012 from the following people: Lawrence & Doris Burt, Ruth Burt, Horace & Lucile Carver, Ian & Velma Carver, Vida Cass, Ruth Greeno & Family, Vern & Gaylene Gronvold, Renee Hill, Marion Holmes, Ruth MacKay, Grace Sorenson, Leeta Whitrow, Stirling & Christina Whitrow, and Bob & Mavis Wiebe.


Redeeming Our Time

For every follower of Jesus Christ…it’s still the same all over the world! Each Christian is here to significantly impact the social and cultural conditions of our time with the good news of Christ! Scripture states it so bluntly:

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Campus News

New President Announced

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Dr. William Raccah has accepted their appointment as President of Alberta Bible College.

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Staff Change

Alberta Bible College welcomes Brad Anderson as its new Recruitment Coordinator.

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Looking Forward

Attaining excellence is contingent upon systematically evaluating measurable goals. Hoping that you are doing well but not asking the right questions is more an exercise in self-deception than a recipe for success.

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The Gifts of an Interim President — Counting our blessings!

Last September Brent Williams offered to step in as interim president while the Presidential search committee looked for ABC’s next leader. God blesses when a man in transition offers his gifts to a community in transition. Brent’s humility made it possible for him to acknowledge that he knew little about the world of academia.

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Faculty Profile

What Do You See?

A recent PACE class on the topic of worldviews led me to a fresh reading of the Gospels. Rather than examining the text to see Jesus, I have been searching to see what Jesus saw. His vision is profound! Jesus saw reality as utterly God-drenched.

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Keeping PACE

A Post Grad Reflection

Going back to school and enrolling in the PACE program was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The program enabled me to grow spiritually as well as professionally. When I first started the program, my intent was to build on my Library and Information Technology Diploma from 1987, complete my Bachelor’s Degree, and thus make myself more marketable to Christian schools overseas.

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Alumni News


My current life and ministry has quite a few spheres – spheres that I actually enjoy juggling, most of the time. As a parent of young children, I am engaged in an influential ministry of basic care towards others. I am at work thoughtfully shaping little minds and hearts, as I seek to raise Josie and Melanie in the context of God’s love.

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It was decided at the Annual Alumni Meeting that his year’s summer project is to replace the carpet on the main floor of the Learning Resource Centre. The carpet has seen a lot of traffic over the years and is showing wear and tear and is fraying at the seams.

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