Evangel — Summer 2011


Sticks and Stones

Maybe this rationalizing thought has flashed through your mind after you have said something less than flattering to someone else: “Well, it’s only a word. What harm could it possibly do?” More than we can image, I suppose. Just because we live in a world constantly swamped with sound bytes doesn’t mean words have lost their power to heal or to hurt. Jesus weighs in here with words of his own. Just after the Pharisees had spoken against the Holy Spirit (speaking of harmful words!), Jesus responded with, “…For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

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Campus News

Staff Changes

Eric Nyrose faithfully served at Alberta Bible College for 14 years. Within this time Eric played a significant role in the development of the College resources and programs. As a College professor, Eric specialized in teaching classes that fit under Old Testament studies. Students appreciated his depth of knowledge and his effective teaching style. As Learning Resource Coordinator, Eric helped guide many research projects, developed a comprehensive library that was linked with two other Bible colleges, and played a significant role throughout our accreditation process. All this was accomplished while Eric also completed a Master of Library Studies.

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The DNA of ABC

This is a critically important time in the development of the church in North America and especially Canada. We need to push forward as a church and as the body of Christ to share the gospel with our nation. Each one of us is charged with a duty of evangelism and discipleship in a culture that is increasingly secular. At Alberta Bible College I have no doubt that we have the implicit task of teaching men and woman the truth of scripture, mentoring their relationships with a living God and training them to be effective ministers of the gospel. This mandate is in the very DNA of our existence.

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Faculty Profile

April 29 – May 2 was a big weekend in Canada. It began on Friday with the Royal Wedding (obviously not in Canada but touching us nonetheless) and ended on Monday with the Federal Election. In between these diverse events the world was informed of the surgical killing (assassination) of Osama bin Laden. Although I have mixed feelings about his death, I was deeply saddened by pictures and reports of people dancing in the streets. Regardless of what one thinks of bin Laden, celebrating his demise hardly seems appropriate.

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