Evangel — Spring 2013

Message from the President

Need a Map to Find Yourself?

The march into the millennium is well underway, and it is a journey toward incredible challenges. It presents a future marked by increased worldwide violence, uncertain economies and the full impact of globalization signals daunting changes for us all. But, for the Church empowered and led by the Spirit, the words of God recorded by the prophet Isaiah give hope and confidence.

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Choose to Change Your World

We all have two choices in life: to change our world, or have it change us. I am choosing to change my world, and not let it change my children. You may wonder how I can make that choice for someone else. Simple! As my eldest daughter is making career plans, I have taken attendance at a Bible college off the table of options. What? It is true. Not attending a Bible college is not an option. Ever since kindergarten, my daughters have been told that one year of Bible college is mandatory. They just know, no questions asked, that Bible college is where they will be after high school.

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Investments Do Pay Dividends

A few years ago, supporters of Alberta Bible College were challenged to contribute to the acquisition of our present facility. Many gave sacrificially. At this time we want to again thank you for believing in the future of Alberta Bible College. Our mission still remains the same, and it remains strong: “to equip people for effective service and witness for Christ.”

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Powerful and Powerless: Partnership Paradox in the Jesus Mission

What do you call a relationship when one person has all the resources and the other has all the need? How about a friendship where your friend calls all the shots and you need only comply? Or a marriage where one holds the power and the other simply holds the door, and maybe their tongue?

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Congratulations to the Class of 2013

“Looking back on the semester I really have grown a lot. My faith has been strengthened, my love for God has deepened, great friendships have developed, and I’m becoming my true self in Christ. I absolutely love Alberta Bible College. I love the classes, teachers, discussions, students, chapel, lunches, prayer times, and the absolute wholeness I feel when I’m there. I can’t express how grateful I am to be a part of the 2012-2013 year at ABC.”

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Keeping PACE

Confidence for the Journey

“I shared the things I learned with my Pastor and his wife. They were astonished and made lots of positive comments, ‘Rita, that is good for you, this is really what you need for your spiritual growth and your ministry’.

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Western Canadian Leadership Renewal Summit

Western Canadian Leadership Renewal Summit May 6 to 8. “Making Room for ‘GenNext'” with Dr. James Penner. How do we encourage, empower, and equip young people and young adults to become fully-functioning parts of the Body?

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Alumni News

Meeting and Project

ALUMNI MEETING Each year the alumni gather to fellowship and discuss business on the Saturday of Convocation weekend. Convocation 2013 is just around the corner. This year, please join the current students on that Saturday evening for a shared meal. The plan is to gather at the College at 5:30 p.m. to complete alumni business and eat a BBQ’d meal with the students at 6 p.m.

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Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts honouring the following people:

Mervin Bailey, Ed & Mary Benoit, Randy Benoit, Alma Bull, Aileen Case, Dorothy Chapman, Eileen Chapman, Bill Cross, George DeGeer, Stan Holmes, Freda Kinniburgh, Jock & Eileen Nelson, Frederick Olietschuk, Michelle Ratcliff, Mabel Rehn, Flo Traptow, Ralph Whitrow and Ted Windmill.

Have been received between Nov. 1, 2012 and Mar. 26, 2013 from the following people: Lowell & Verna Allison, Melinda Benoit, George Chapman, Bill & Marilyn Cross, Gary & Arlyne Godson, Marion Holmes, Myrtle Jeffrey, Wilbert Jestin, Allen & Gayle Kozniuk, Don & Marilyn Lewis, Lynda Lougheed, Gail & Jean Myers, Vic Rehn, Ross & Evelyn Tennant, Leeta Whitrow, Stirling & Christina Whitrow, Merril & Audrey Zimmerman.


Reflections of three ABC alumni and staff who have stepped down from their full time positions at Alberta Bible College to pursue other dreams.

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Focus on…

Michelle Pearsall

For those who have not been in and around the college campus over the past few months, I wanted to share the news that my husband and I are expecting our first child in May! We are very excited to be taking on the joys and adventures this next step will bring and thankful to ABC staff and students for their support as I prepare for maternity leave.

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