Evangel — Spring 2012

Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts honouring the following people:

John & Lillian Bergman, Melvin Breakenridge, Aileen Case, Dorothy Chapman, Eileen Chapman, Mae DeGeer, Lloyd Free, Les & Winnie Howell, Agnes Hickle, Harry Matheson, Ron Pelham, Jim Phillips, Tom Rash, Mabel Rehn, Steven Rehn, Gordon Scruggs, Owen Still, Flo (Whitrow)Traptow, Albert & Edna Wells, Ralph Whitrow, Preston & Verda Wilkens, John Wilson, and Ted Windmill

have been received between November 10, 2011 and March 28, 2012 from the following people: Lowell & Verna Allison, Norma Jean Bauer, Conrad & Betty Bourque, Paul & Barbara Burleigh, David Cornish, Lefty & Vi Dietz, Cliff & Marj Enfield, John & Lois Evans, Stuart & Betty Fraser, Lila Free, Paul & Arlene Gotaas, Austin & Vivian Graham, Gordon Higgins, David & Edith Hockley, Leanna Howden, Jim & Aryel Hutchinson, Myrtle Jeffrey, Eileen Jones & Family, Donna Loeb, Dale & Rhonda MacKay, Eleanor McClinton, Bob & Shirley Moats, Andrew, John, Jim, Mary & Patricia Murphy, Gail & Jean Myers, Deryl & Carol Ann Newson, Ron & Sandra Osborne, Parkland Christian Church, Wes & Verdell Reed, Rick & Linn Rehn, Vic Rehn, Ray & Pat Ryan, William & Betty Steer, Stanley & Stephany Stevens, Tenold Transportation, Helen Waddell, Doug & Connie Watson, Murray & Shirley White, Ralph & Leeta Whitrow.


Finding Joy

In the song, Joy Unspeakable, we find the words, “I have found the pleasure I once craved, It is joy and peace within; what a wonderful blessing! I am saved from the awful gulf of sin.” Have you ever wondered about joy and where it comes from? In our life group study, we have been looking at the source and growth of joy. In Galatians 5:22 we find that one of the fruits of the Spirit is joy.

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Making a life

There is no one who loves children more than their parents. Whether they are a toddler or a teen, parents try to ‘have their children’s back’. They are the ones who watch out for them, attempt to guide them, speak into their lives and influence them in the way they should go. For some parents, including many who are Christians, the desire to help their child make a good living is the overriding criteria for where they will go after high school.

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Faculty Profile

To Know Him Is To Love Him

Knowledge and experience…I truly believe that you cannot have one without the other. One of the reasons why I am involved at ABC is because I believe this. Many today honour experience as the best qualifier of faith. They are not completely wrong: God reminds us in James that faith without works is dead. There is great value in working out our salvation – not blindly swallowing how fallible humans have interpreted the truths of scripture in the past.

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Remembering four who served

Four alumni who were very close to the ministry of Alberta Bible College over many years have recently passed: Aileen Case, Tom Rash, Ralph Whitrow, and Harry Matheson.

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