Evangel — Fall 2011

Recent Memorials

Recent Memorials
Received June 11 – September 12, 2011
In memory of Gifts received from
In memory of Gifts received from
Cayley Chapman Jean Westwood Mabel Rehn The Barrie Family
Lois Cloutier
May Horsley
Joe & Wilma Patton
Marnie Phillips
Rick & Lin Rehn
Hardy & Kathryn Sonnenberg
William & Betty Steer
Ralph & Leeta Whitrow
Eileen Chapman Jean Westwood
Jo Gonyea Frank & Marilyn Nicholson
Joe Kaiser Renee Hill
Ruby Marshall Dave & Loretta Rusnell
Glen Mulligan Blanche Mulligan
Eileen Nelson Joyce Dean & Family
Frank & Marilyn Nicholson
Al & Jean Ramsay
Jim & Millie Phillips Blanche Mulligan
Don & Marilyn Lewis
Dave & Loretta Rusnell
John Wilson Al & Jean Ramsay


We are very thankful for the individuals who made or who make scholarships available. Some of the scholarships assisting students this year are:

  • ABC Evangelism Scholarship (Bergmans)
  • Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship
  • Benoit Scholarship
  • Bergman Scholarship
  • Boyd Lammiman Scholarship
  • Dorothy Chapman Scholarship
  • Faculty Entrance Scholarship
  • Ministerial Assistance Scholarship
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship
  • Rodney Scholarship
  • Service Entrance Scholarship
  • Summer Service Scholarship

Training Wheels

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Start when they are young, teach them about God, and then they are good to go out and live it. And I am sure that what I am about to reveal is not a surprise to you, but after watching my 1 and 3 year old try to sit, stand, walk and talk (especially talk!), I realize that it is not that straight forward. More than just realize it, I fear this truth. What if I don’t do enough, tell them the right stories, and help them memorize the right verses?

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Campus News

ABC Searches for a New President

In full confidence of God’s faithfulness, ABC’s Board of Trustees is searching for a new President to lead the College into its next chapter of kingdom service. This is a task not done in a vacuum as we reflect back on God’s provision in the past. Several decades ago, in the 1960s, when ABC was at a pivotal point in her history, God provided Boyd Lammiman to lead the College into a period of growth.

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Alberta Bible College Announces Interim President

We are excited to announce that Brent Williams will serve on an interim basis, as the College’s Acting President, effective immediately. Having Brent in place, as Interim President, provides continuity of leadership to the College’s faculty and staff team.

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Guest Editorial

Job 1

It is strange how we can look at something many times before a reality strikes home. I have been studying the Gospel of Matthew over the past few weeks. Matthew records Jesus resisting temptation and offering profound teaching. Christ calms storms, casts out demons, heals bodies, feeds the hungry and raises the dead showing compassion to grieving parents.

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Faculty Profile

Kelly Carter

I love hearing positive affirmation about what is taking place among God’s people. Whether about me personally or I hear something positive about the work of another, or a congregation, it always feels good.

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Keeping PACE

Eye on the Finish Line

I was watching a video online the other day that showed a couple friends running the 100 meter hurdles at a school track meet, which really got me thinking. Having participated in high school sports I get a little nostalgic when watching sports as I remember the days cheering on my peers and having them root for me in the same way.

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Integrating PACE

PACE was designed as a stand alone program to run parallel to the regular semester program for regular undergraduates (18-24) involved in semester long learning experiences. PACE was especially designed for adult learners over 25, working collaboratively in evening, five week cohorts.

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Thank You

For the past two years Mervin Strome has provided excellent leadership for the PACE (Professional Adult Career Education) Program. In addition to the formal aspects of the role, Mervin has helped and encouraged many adult learners to sort through new directions and priorities.

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Student Summer Service


Jacqueline, Felicia, Juli, and Craig share their stories of the ministries they were involved with over the summer.

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Alumni News

Many Hands …

As many of us know, the old English proverb “Many Hands Make Light Work” is a mantra that has echoed the halls of ABC throughout its eight decades of existence! Once again this summer, the fruit of this saying was displayed in bright blue, deep burgundy, and mulched cedar as alumni, staff, and other volunteers alike joined in to help prep the College for the upcoming year with some painting and gardening.

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Although it has only been four months since graduation so much has happened, God is good! We are currently still living in Calgary, in the Beddington Heights community. All three of our children; Emma, Delaney and Rhys are now in school, with Rhys starting grade one this fall. Keri is working part time for my dad’s company, helping out in the office. I am working part time for Bow Valley Christian Church, heading up the Junior High Youth Ministry.

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