Evangel — Christmas 2011

Recent Memorials

Recent Memorials
Received Sept 19 – Nov. 7, 2011
Mary Dyck Ralph & Leeta Whitrow
Jim & Millie Phillips Don & Carolyn Albert
Mabel Rehn Doug & Sheila Free
Lila Free
Phil & Marnie Marshall
Steve Rehn Rick & Linn Rehn
Edward (Ted) Windmill Don & Carolyn Albert
Roy & Trish Gavelin
Ralph & Leeta Whitrow

Which Way Are You Turning?

Over the course of the past several years I have become increasingly drawn to the fascinating findings in the work of Dr. John Gottman, probably the foremost researcher on marital stability and divorce prediction. One of the factors he has identified has been labeled as Turning.

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Campus News

Financial Update

The report from our auditors indicates that we finished the 2010/11 fiscal year with an operating deficit of $240,000. For only the third time in our history we sent a ‘crisis’ appeal letter to our supporters in July. Our board policy is to not fund raise by this means but an exception was made in this unusual situation.

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Let Learning Flow!

In a world of sustainable economies, the fundamental requirement is not for new technologies but new techniques. So for instance, Wal-Mart saved $200 million last year by learning how to pack trucks better so that they were full, rather than half empty.

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Trustees Retreat

The Board of Trustees, men and women from BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, met last month to plan how best to respond to the challenging times that the College is facing. With Eric McIntosh of Kings University in Edmonton as our facilitator the board worked through a series of processes leading to several action steps.

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A Year Like No Other

I am indebted to Alan Jones, our first chapel speaker of the year, for challenging our students with “this can be a year from which you never recover.” This thought has resided with me these past few months as I have settled uneasily into the president’s chair, albeit for an interim period.

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Faculty Profile

Competition, Cooperation or Communion?

E verything missional is all the rage these days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an important theological renewal that has the potential to reinvigorate the church. Nevertheless, there is one thing in particular about the craze that has me concerned: If mission is about being-sent1 into the world, why is there not a corresponding fervor surrounding the spiritual ground of our sending?

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Ted Windmill

The photo above is of the first meeting of the Coldstream Christian Church, which met in the home of Ted (far left) and Sheila Windmill. Ted and Sheila, who met and married in England, moved to Canada and became active in a Christian Church here.

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Keeping PACE

Stop, Look and Listen

I’m sure many of you recall this motto from your early childhood but as school starts and I see all the children walking to school I can’t help but think about my own memories. Being a very important part of the Galbraith Elementary School patrollers, orange vest and all, I was taught to always go through this process before walking out into the street.

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Student Life

Emerge 2012 is coming

ABC will host our annual Open House/Youth Conference March 2-4, 2012. And it is with much excitement that we share with you our chosen theme; BIG & BOLD – POWERFUL PURSUITS (Deuteronomy 10:12-13).

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Student Body Life

Student Body Life was kick-started by a huge slap in the face by a cold rapid. Once again this year, ABC students started out with a white water rafting trip that included surfing river boards, rafts and jumping into giant whirlpools. All twelve participants made the “Faith Jump” into the whirlpool this year. After being told that it was optional but also a great chance to “take a leap of faith”, none of them wanted to back out.

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Alumni News

Did You Know?

You can follow us on our Twitter account (www.twitter.com/abccampus) or our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/abccampus) to see the latest pictures and college news? You can also email prayer requests and news (ministry events, graduations, answers to prayer) to facebook@abccampus.ca?

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Since graduating in April I have been keeping busy working at Oak Park Church of Christ full-time as the Family Pastor. My plate has been really full with lots of very exciting and new opportunities. This summer I was blessed to be the Dean at Jr. High Camp out at Pine Lake in July, and then had a wild and crazy time in August with our VBS.

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So, it is almost Christmas, again! As we enter the Advent season, I’ve been thinking what Christmas means to us, specifically, as Alumni of Alberta Bible College. First of all, it is a season of HOPE. We are actively involved with our alma mater because we have hope for the future. We do not just hope or wish things will go well. We have a certainty that our personal, earthly histories will come to a close some day and our eternity of being face to face with Christ will begin.

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