Emerge 2019 was a wonderful weekend. A HUGE thank you to our Mentors: Darrin Clark, Jacqueline Eaton, Dan Taylor, Adam Wyse, Melissa Adrian, and Pete and Josanna Justine.

And to our gifted speaker, Jason Bandura…that was EPIC!!! (he loves that word)

None the less, yea inquiring minds, it is true!

We are going to park our Emerge conference for 2020.

Hope we see you again soon anyway…feel free to drop by anytime we’d love to hear how you are doing with your new-found talents!



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Keynote Speaker – Jason Bandura

Jason has spent his years in Canada, China and California. (Currently hangs his hat in Regina)

We asked Jason, “Tell us about the coolness of Jason,” and his answer? “The coolness and quality of my life is around the awesomeness of my wife and three daughters.”

And further he says, “I have learned much studying, travelling, and eavesdropping on other people’s lives. Even still, I am surprised on a regular basis that God is still bigger and better than I knew.”

Creative Tracks

Photography Track

Your Photography mentor is Darrin Clark aka world traveler photo-safari guy

Darrin will be helping you take the next steps in photo taking, editing and presenting. Bring a camera/phone if you have one, if not you can team up with someone who does.

You will take photos and help generate a presentation that we will get to experience in our coffee house on Saturday night.

Click on his picture to find out some more about his SABLE Photo Safaris, and Mercy Mandate that it helps to fund.

Comedy Track

Your Comedy mentor is Dan Taylor who, when he’s not travelling the comedy clubs, is pastoring a congregation in Edmonton.

Ever wondered what it takes to deliver a good joke, and maybe even build a career out of it? Dan will teach you the meaning of timing, help you with the creative process…a coach in your corner.

At the coffee house on Saturday night, you will even have the opportunity to try out your new found skills on the crowd.

Click on Dan’s picture to find out some more about his comedy services on

Videography Track

Your Videography mentor is Jacqueline Eaton who does this for a living, every day. She knows how to create story and impact, and is going to help you to do the same.

“I want my own YouTube channel”, “I want to post funny stories on Instagram” If that’s you, then you want to connect with Jacqueline as she will teach you to shoot, cut, edit and post videos that have real impact. You will be creating a brief video story together, which we will all watch Sunday morning.

If you have a smart phone, bring it to shoot with. If you have a fancy camera, bring it too.

Click on Jacqueline’s photo to find out some more about her company Fides Productions

Board Game Design Track

Whaaat? There’s such a thing as a professional board game designer?

Your mentor is Adam Wyse, designer of 6 published (a couple still on the way) board games, who lives right here in Calgary.

Ever wondered, “How do they come up with these things?” You’re about to find out. Come and get your creative juices flowing, try a few game types, take a stab at creating a new game together, and maybe even have a chance to play it at the coffee house Saturday night.

Click on Adam’s picture to see his Board Game Geek designer profile, or catch his podcast interview

Painting Track Unfortunately this track had to be put on hold this year. Look for it again in 2020

We have a couple artists who are putting together a theme within a theme project for us to produce a large mosaic of small paintings together. Final project will hang on the wall here at ABC. 

Want to be a part of something creative, challenging, and that you can be proud of? Looking to have your painting skills and ideas moved a step forward? Then this is the track for you.

Drama Track

So you’ve tried a bit of drama, maybe even taken a class at PYPA, and wish you had a chance to actually produce and perform something for real?  This is the place for you.

Your mentor is Melissa Adrian, yes of the same fame as PYPA last Fall. You all know how much fun her classes are.

This weekend you will explore and improve your skills further. You will even present a movement to music piece during worship on Sunday morning.

Worship Track

You may know your mentors as the steam punk duo “Hazel Grey”, or perhaps as Pete and Josanna Justine…worship leaders and music instructors. This weekend you are going to get to know them as mentors with a heart for the Lord and for you.

Do you love being in the presence of God and celebrating him, and sharing that with others?

Bring an instrument you would like to improve on, and/or be supplied with some rhythm and other instruments that we will have here.

Click on Pete & Josanna’s Hazel Grey picture to get a taste of their music (I especially like Carnival Rain)


What are these rumors you hear, about the epic battle? O yes, they are all true. We are converting our gym into a major live gaming experience you are going to hate to miss.


Registration (10% discount for groups 10+, if you have a group of 10+ let ABC know and we will enable registration for your group at the discounted rate)

  • $100 – students
  • $75 – leaders

For youth Gr 7-12
March 8-10 at Alberta Bible College
635 Northmount Dr NW Calgary

Registration Open



q: What time does it start/end?

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q: How do I arrange for Billets?

a: Typically, your youth leader will co-ordinate with the college, so ask them. If your leader is not, then please email and Brent will help co-ordinate billets with you.

q: How do we get the group rate?

a: if you have a group of 10 or more, you get a 10% discount. Your youth leader should contact ABC when he is confident they will have the group rate, and we will add it to the group rate list on our online registration form, so you can pay the correct amount from there. If you paid before the group discount was applied, just let us know and we will settle up at the event.

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