Student Loans

Alberta Bible College is recognized as an eligible institution under the Canada Student Loans Plan. Each year you are studying you can apply for student aid by filling out an application with your home province. These loan programs are intended to supplement the financial resources of the students and their families. Approval for financial assistance is not guaranteed. Note: These loans must be paid back.

Some key features of government student loans

  • These loans are interest free while you are a student. If you stop attending school or withdraw from your program, repayment of the loan is expected, with interest.
  • After graduation, there is a six month grace period to repay your loan; interest charges vary regulated by the jurisdiction of the loan (provincial or federal) — check with your student aid office for more information,
  • Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for interest relief and/or debt reduction assistance after you have completed your studies.

For more information on student loans, check out

Are you eligible for a federal government loan?

Students enrolled in at least 9 credit hours per semester and who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada are eligible to apply for a federal loan.

Let the application process begin

Some tips and tricks for applying:

  • All applications require at least four to six weeks to process. Make sure you apply early!
  • If you use the online system for any information, be sure to make note of important information such as usernames and passwords.
  • Students from other provinces must apply to the province in which they reside.
  • When contacting your province’s student aid office, be sure to ask for information about any other awards, bursaries, etc. that may be granted for post-secondary education.
  • Be prepared to provide photo ID for every loan application transaction.
  • Be specific in naming the program in which you are enrolled (i.e. Certificate In Christian Foundations, rather than The Rock. Bachelor of Theology or Religious Education rather than youth ministry, etc.) so that it will be recognized as an official program.
  • Codes are required for loan applications. The codes for Alberta Bible College are as follows:
    2295 Alberta Institution Code
    571 Alberta Program Code for ABC
    Certificate Programs
    536 Alberta Program Code for ABC
    Degree Programs
    *Note that there is no program code for diploma programs. Students in a diploma program should select a degree code.

Provincial governments

Most provinces have their information and loan applications available on-line. You can check them out at the following:

*Quebec, Northwest Territories and Nunavut operate their own student financial assistance programs. Students should contact their student financial assistance offices for further information.