Alberta Bible College (ABC) seeks to provide an academic and ministry environment with a community, recreational, user-friendly interface.

A place of ministry People of all ages, including some with special challenges will be regularly using our facilities. This provides many ministry opportunities within the building. With this in mind, please –

  • Acknowledge people with a smile and greeting.
  • Befriend people and minister where appropriate.
  • Do your part to keep the building clean and tidy.

Access outside of regular hours

  • Any access beyond regular hours must be granted by the General office.
  • Other groups regularly use the building; however, that does not mean free access to students.

In Case of Fire

Red alarm boxes are found throughout the building. In the event of a fire, pull the alarm and leave the building. The alarm puts a call automatically into the Fire Department and warns people within the building to evacuate it. There are extinguishers found throughout the building that may be used to extinguish small fires. At least two fire drills happen each year to test our systems as well as the community’s ability to evacuate in an emergency.

The Fire Department levies a $150.00 charge for all false alarms. This bill will be passed on to the person responsible for a false alarm.

Automobiles and Bicycles

  • Parking in the lanes, including the fire lane is prohibited.
  • The specially marked Disabled zones is reserved for those with a disabled-parking sticker.
  • Abandoned vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Bike racks are to be used for bicycles; please lock all bikes. Bikes are not to be brought into the building.


  • Lights: Please turn lights off when you are the last person leaving a room. It helps keep tuition low and it is good for God’s creation.
  • Windows: Please be personally responsible to see that windows are closed before you leave a room. This helps with energy efficiency and security. Please do not adjust the blinds.
  • Thermostats: Do not adjust! These are set at room temperature (18-20 Celsius).
  • Emergency Exits: “FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY” means just that. Use ONLY in case of fire. Use may trigger the system and send a false alarm to the Fire Department. You may be billed for this.
  • Rugs: The main entries have rugs to help keep the building clean. Please wipe wet footwear and remove boots at the entrance.
  • Doors: Please pull outside doors shut behind you.
  • Garbage: ABC is a “green” campus. Please use recycling boxes and bins.

Lighting and Sound System (Chapel/Theatre)

The Sound Booth is to be used by permission only. Please see Rinus Janson for permission and assistance. Serious damage and expense can occur without expertise.


Each student is assigned a locker for storage of personal items including coats and backpacks. If personal possessions are not in a locker they may end up in the Lost and Found. Students are responsible for providing their own lock and keeping the locker locked. Locks left on at the end of the year will be removed so that the locker can be cleaned. Furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) Please leave furniture in the rooms that they are allocated to. However, there may be times when furniture is needed somewhere else. Before moving furniture from one room to another, please:

  • Receive permission from the General Office.
  • Identify who will be responsible for returning them to their original location and when that will occur.
  • Help us keep the building functioning efficiently and looking orderly.

Personal Property and Alberta Bible College

ABC’s liability insurance does not extend to student belongings. Any personal property left on College property is left at the owner’s risk, including items left in lockers. Please do not use the College building as a personal storage facility.