Stop, Look and Listen

Evangel – Christmas 2011

Keeping PACE

I ’m sure many of you recall this motto from your early childhood but as school starts and I see all the children walking to school I can’t help but think about my own memories. Being a very important part of the Galbraith Elementary School patrollers, orange vest and all, I was taught to always go through this process before walking out into the street.

This simple saying started years ago to teach children road safety is just as applicable for us in our walk with God. Most people comment or complain about how quickly life flies by us yet people as a whole seem to not want to slow down at all. In fact, we usually fixate on how much we can squeeze in. Tiredness and anxiety are becoming an expected part of a life as we fill every crevasse and slowly lose our direction and focus. Imagine what it would mean to stop, to give yourself time to breathe and look back at what you have done and where you are heading. Are you heading the direction you believe is God’s plan for your life? If not, then it is time for the listening part. We will never reach a place of feeling united with God if we do not check in with him to make sure we are proceeding safely into the crazy traffic that is life on this earth.


I had anticipated ‘study’ and ‘memorization’ courses. However, it turned out to be ‘study’ and ‘life application’ courses. The knowledge acquired has created new opportunities for Christian work and service. Try it! You will be a changed person!” – PACE Graduate

Michelle served as the PACE and Admissions Coordinator at ABC and is currently on pregnancy leave.