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Evangel – Christmas 2011

Alumni News

Since graduating in April I have been keeping busy working at Oak Park Church of Christ full-time as the Family Pastor. My plate has been really full with lots of very exciting and new opportunities. This summer I was blessed to be the Dean at Jr. High Camp out at Pine Lake in July, and then had a wild and crazy time in August with our VBS. In September we launched a new Sunday school curriculum and re-launched our youth group, and if that wasn’t enough I moved out of my parents place and am living with a friend in a super cool townhouse on the west side of the city in Glenmorgan.

ABC has become my home away from home. It is the place where God used the professors and staff to help me fine tune God’s call on my life. Currently I am attending life-coaching sessions with Sandra Osborne, and for someone who is in their first year of ministry it has been such a blessing and support to visit with her every couple of weeks. This is one of the things that I love so much about ABC — even though I have graduated the love and support from the school doesn’t just end, the professors and staff are invested for a lifetime and I hope that I can return the favour.

Jennifer graduated ABC in 2011 with a BRE.