PACE Reflection

Evangel – Summer 2014

Keeping PACE

Ellen Lyzenga

graduated from the ABC PACE program a little over a month ago. I just returned home from a service project with my youth group where we did a spring cleaning project for a younger lady from our church who is in a wheelchair. As I think of the fun we had, the work we accomplished, and the tears of joy on the lady’s face, I am filled with love and reminded of a lesson I learned in one of my PACE classes. We are blessed to be a blessing! I am so blessed to be living my deepest dreams that I never thought would come true. I am a Youth Director in an amazing church community and living in Lethbridge where I always hoped to settle. All this is possible because of the journey I took at ABC. I still remember jumping into the program thinking that I would simply finish my degree and continue to pursue my career in business. And then how the first class made me dig deep and question what my dreams were and where God was leading me. God blessed me with great teachers at ABC who challenged me to dream big and equipped me with tools and knowledge to do God’s work. I have been blessed so that now I can bless the people in my church and community as I work with kids and youth, challenging them to follow their dreams and to share God’s love every day.

Ellen Lyzenga, BA, Leadership & Ministry. Ellen currently serves as Youth Director at Maranatha Christian Reformed Church in Lethbridge, AB.