Northern Hills Church Update

Evangel – Summer 2014

Keeping PACE

By Peter Roberts, Lead Pastor, Northern Hills Church

Northern Hills Church

At 8 a.m. on January 19, 2014 a group of eighteen adults and seventeen kids gathered at Empire Theatres Country Hills in Calgary, nervously anticipating what was to come. Our first service as a brand new church was scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. As we set up three different theatres and a party room for kid’s classes, and a fourth theatre for our worship auditorium, along with many signs in and out of the building, we hoped that a few new faces would come and join us in the adventure of becoming a new church family. As 10 a.m. approached, our small core team was overwhelmed by a steady flow of new faces bringing their children to classes and filling the worship theatre. In total, 180 people were in attendance at our launch service for Northern Hills Church including the original core team of 35 and many from our supporting churches.

Since that launch Sunday, God has certainly been watching over and guiding our efforts in the north central outer-edge communities of Calgary, as we now have approximately 110 people who make up Northern Hills Church. Our average Sunday attendance over the past three months has been 94, with nearly 80 people in our small groups meeting in homes on a weekly basis, and four people have given their lives to Christ in baptism since the end of January.

We want to share what God has been up to at Northern Hills Church for the glory of God, but we also want to thank Alberta Bible College and all those who support the school. ABC has been very influential in the planting of Northern Hills Church as our initial core launch team consisted of six former ABC students, including myself as Lead Pastor. We’ve also had three more ABC alumni join our efforts since our launch. We are very thankful for the ministry of ABC and all who support the encouragement, education, and training the College provides for those wishing to pursue the growth of God’s kingdom work. Thanks!