Making a life

Evangel – Spring 2012


BrentThere is no one who loves children more than their parents. Whether they are a toddler or a teen, parents try to ‘have their children’s back’. They are the ones who watch out for them, attempt to guide them, speak into their lives and influence them in the way they should go. For some parents, including many who are Christians, the desire to help their child make a good living is the overriding criteria for where they will go after high school. Yet, if life is more than a good job, or what you wear or eat, then how do parents help their children to be prepared for a quality life and even for eternity? I was told by a colleague at another Bible college that upwards of 80{6b5dbf719d8904cfe310e3fef45823b50f2fb164038ae90b4f0776986a0d04c5} of young people who attend university leave the church. Ill prepared to answer the intellectual challenges, combined with a willingness to embrace a new lifestyle espoused by new friends, sets young people on a path from which they may never leave.

But a year or more at a Bible college will also provide students with many of the soft skills required to be successful in most employment situations. We have a recent student who was hired for his present position because of the leadership expertise he gained while a student at ABC. Others discover that the values experienced in a Christian environment enable them to deal more effectively with co-workers. When you think about it, seldom is it a lack of skill that gets a person removed from their job.

A friend of mine, an alumnus of the College, recently said that he always knew that he would be in full-time ministry. He just didn’t realize that he would also have a 60 hour per week part-time job. Although stated humorously, he was making the point that his life’s vocation is ministry while he provides for his family as a successful businessman. This is what we seek to engender in our students, the sense that they, and all of us, have been called to full-time ministry no matter our employment status.

It is good to pursue education that prepares you to make a living for the next 50 years. However, that pursuit is best accomplished in a context that will prepare you to make a life during that same time and for eternity.

Mustard Seed

Brent served as interim president of Alberta Bible College for the academic term of 2011 – 2012. He currently serves on Bow Valley Christian Church’s staff as Executive Pastor.