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Evangel – Christmas 2011

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In a world of sustainable economies, the fundamental requirement is not for new technologies but new techniques. So for instance, Wal-Mart saved $200 million last year by learning how to pack trucks better so that they were full, rather than half empty. In private education, could we become more sustainable, if we thought about what we do as less oriented to Calgary, and more accessible to anyone, from anywhere, using present resources?

ABC’s Extended Classroom Program flows out of the high value that ABC has placed on “accessibility” in her mission of equipping people for service and witness for Christ, for over 80 years. We have offered a limited number of correspondence courses, and will continue to do so. However the opportunity for collaborative face to face encounters through interactive media, provides for most a superior learning experience.

What this means for anyone, from anywhere, is that they can sign in to take selected classes using video-conferencing technology, and hopefully, shortly, a Ministry and Leadership Certificate. Selected courses are available as early as January, 2012; the Certificate will begin in September, 2012.

Thanks to the visionary gift of a friend of ABC, the video-conference technology is in place to enable a new technique: “extended classroom,” a classroom without walls. Of course, the administrative and academic supports for taking a course from the comfort of your own living room or office, are already in place. We’re not learning to pack trucks, but we are hoping to pack a few classrooms with some amazing learning opportunities.

Learners who sign up will share many of the same amazing experiences that on site ABC students do. They will check out resources from the library. They will share a chat with fellow students or their instructor, or both. And yes they will pay the same low tuition rates that students on site pay, $585 (credit); $295 (audit), plus texts. Education does cost money, but the cost of ignorance is incalculable! To view the technical requirements you need to access a video conference course, visit www.abccampus.ca/videoneeds. Please register or direct inquiries by phone at 1-877-542-2789 (toll free).

Here are a few courses that are available as early as January 2012:

Starting January 9 through April 27, 2012

G131 – Global Perspectives
Ryan Scruggs
Tuesday/Thursday, 9:30-10:45am MST

A consideration of various global crises including poverty, security, slavery, and environmental degradation, their ideological roots, in attempt to understand both our times as well as the invitation to Christian hope in our times.

B121 – New Testament Literature
Michael Coghlin
Wednesday/Friday, 9:30-10:45am MST

A survey of the New Testament books with attention to the Graeco-Roman world of the first century AD in which it was written.

B322 – Corinthian Correspondence
Ron Fraser
Wednesday/Friday, 9:30-10:45am MST

A consideration of how Paul reinterprets the Christian life lived in the midst of a deeply narcissistic culture in ancient Corinth, with a view to understanding the hidden hopes and blush of loving and lasting gospel influence in such a culture, then and now.

B402 – Biblical Hermeneutics
Kelly Carter
Tuesdays, 3:00pm-5:30pm MST

A review of the history and principles of biblical interpretation with emphasis on literary genres, and specific interpretation themes.

G281 – Arts and Culture
Ryan Scruggs
Thursdays, 6:00-8:30pm MSTAn exploration of culture as a way of life, and how the manifold expressions of that life particularly through the arts, impact each other in mutual dance.G351 – Marriage and Family Life
Mervin Strome
Wednesdays, 6:00-8:30pm MSTAn examination of marriage and family from theological as well as sociological perspectives in the midst of significant societal changes with a view to enhance understanding and guidance for responsible Christian lifestyle.

Starting January 3 through February 14, 2012
(Cost $670, includes textbooks)
For students 25 years and older

P3515 – Life Planning Strategies
Sandra Osborne
Tuesdays, 6:00-10:00pm MST

Using a variety of assessment tools and group coaching, students are encouraged to examine dreams, passions, values and mission in life, with a view to integrate the full spectrum of who one is physically, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Jesus called each of us through the Great Commission, “to make disciples,” literally “to make learners of My Way.” It is pretty hard to do that, if we are not learning His Way ourselves! Apart from the imperative nature of that call, learning is a lot of fun. The fun is multiplied with friends! And now it is accessible to anyone with access to the internet, through ABC’s “Extended Classroom.” Let the learning flow!

Dr. Fraser is the Director of Learning Services as well as a professor who specializes in New Testament and Christian history; theological pedagogy; and social ethics in contemporary education. He credentials include B. Th. ’73 Alberta Bible College; B. Ed. ’73 University of Calgary; M.C.S. ’86 Regent College; Ed. D. ’08, University of Alberta Academic.

Ron has also published extensively: From Tinkering to Transformation: Christian Ministry in an Age of Secularism (1993, Lectures of the College of Churches of Christ in Canada. Published by the College of Churches of Christ in Canada); A History of the Restoration Movement in Canada (2008, as in Foster, Blowers, Dunnavant, and Williams, The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement. Eerdmans); Ron has also written numerous articles for the Christian Standard from 1989-2002 and the Alberta Bible College Evangel from 1982-2011.

His ministry activities include Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation Training and Peace Education; Ecclesial Leadership and Equipping Education Workships including Inspiring a Shared Vision through Appreciative Inquiry, Group Needs Assessment, Strategic Planning, Team Building, Growing and Empowering Influencers, etc.; Preaching.

In his spare time Ron enjoys hiking, woodworking, visiting with people.

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