Glory to the Dream Giver

Evangel – Fall 2015



Dreams can be scary. I am not speaking of nightmares that haunt our sleep. I am referring to dreams that stir our hearts and ignite an exuberant exhilaration and excitement within us, while at the same time, spawn sheer terror before the absolute impossibility of the dream becoming reality. This kind of dream—the one that transmits the heartbeat of the Dream Giver—is how God calls his people into a kingdom-expanding, life-altering, hell-shaking faith that radically changes the dreamer (see Bruce Wilkinson, The Dream Giver).

In the story of the Bible, God Almighty gave humans dreams and visions for divine purposes. I am fully convinced that the Lord plants his desires within the hearts of his beloved ones and then breathes life by the Holy Spirit, manifesting inspiring dreams. God has invited Alberta Bible College to dream again.

God has used ABC as a dream-birthing place for over eight decades. Year after year students have intimately encountered the Dream Giver here and most would say that they have been challenged by those confrontations. “Lord, how can this be? This dream you have placed in me is too big; this vision is too expansive; this plan is way, way beyond me! God, I am too small; I am too inexperienced; I am unqualified!” A similar protestation came from the adopted grandson of Pharaoh (see Ex 4:10). Moses’ self-imposed exile in Midian signified his resignation: his dream of bringing freedom to his people was dead. Forty years later, God through the burning bush spoke, “I AM” to rouse Moses to dream again.

Despite the many distortions, distractions, and disappointments that can derail our dreams, the Trinity disentangles us from our past and engages our holy imaginations to spark our enthusiasm and renewed hope. I pray the Dream Giver uses each one of us affiliated with ABC in ways that will make Jesus famous. I trust him to deposit desires within us so we dream his dreams again and his kingdom purposes are accomplished, in Jesus’ name.

May our dependence upon the One Who is forever Faithful and True glorify him in a manner that incites him to come and get his church. The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come Lord Jesus, come!” (Rev 22:17).