College Highlights 2015 – 2016

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Evangel – Christmas 2016

Campus News


Closing the gapPerhaps one of the most significant feats of this past year would be all the work that went into the re-instatement of our accreditation with the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). I’m grateful for those who did all the hard work to make this possible—much of it before I arrived. Accreditation is important for our students and eases the transfer of credit, ensures our students access to student loans from any province in Canada, and provides other benefits. Institutionally, accreditation endorses our effort in providing a peer-reviewed quality education. The accountability that come from accreditation urges us to do the right thing and to do things rightly.


In withdrawing from ABHE in 2013, we lost the privilege of hosting international students. We are pleased to announce that as of November 2016, we are again recognized by the province of Alberta and by the Government of Canada.


Additionally, and related to benefits to students, our one year “Rock” certificate is now recognized as eligible for student loans. All of these pieces: accreditation, international students, and loans available for all of our programs combine to make Alberta Bible College an option for a broad range of students.


Over the past year we have experienced a number of staff transitions. Perhaps the most monumental of these transitions has been the retirement of Ron Fraser. Ron served the college for forty-two years and rightly deserves to be recognized for his lifetime of work in Christian education and ministry. Thanks to a solid staff and Ron’s gracious character, the transition has gone smoothly with minimal disruptions. We wish Ron and Monelle the best in the new chapter of their lives.

Current number of students


If you get a chance to visit the campus, you will be met with a fresh look. Both staff and volunteers have conspired to brighten up the campus. Creating an attractive campus is an important means of reaching new students, retaining current ones, and helping the staff and faculty to be proud to work at Alberta Bible College.


Over a year ago, the board made the bold decision to approve a deficit budget for the fiscal year 2015–16. This decision was predicated on the following important moves. First, it was imperative that the college find a suitable president. Not only was this important for the future development of the college but was a factor important in regaining accreditation. This addition essentially added another staff member to the team during the season of transitions. Second, the board was committed to regaining accreditation and this required many hours of work and additional expenses, including a trip to stand before the Commission on Accreditation. Finally, staff transitions, and particularly because of our desire to treat our employees as well as we can, brought us additional costs, both in terms of severance and because of overlapping coverage that occurs during these times. We ended the year as anticipated by the board at -$125,000. We are pleased to announced that in June the board approved a budget with a $10,000 deficit, thus closing the gap significantly. And of course with your help we are working to end in the black.


Our current headcount is 82 students. We have 25 in the regular undergraduate program and the remaining 57 in PACE. Last year we had 64 students in the fall semester. This marks three years of fall enrolment growth since 2013 with 51 in 2013/2014; 52 in 2014/2015; 64 last year and now 82. Though several factors are involved in this impressive growth, the dedication of the enrolment team is a significant reason of our sustained growth. With our enrolment officer Shannon Gugyel works Tracy Bartel and Brett MacKenzie, both student workers at ABC. Our enrolment teams recently revised our Strategic Enrolment Plan and in this Evangel we roll out our 10/10/100 initiative. Join us in prayer and effort as we seek to have 100 students in the program next fall.


The college maintains an administrative team of seven people. Four of the seven also serve as teaching faculty. ABC teaching faculty live vibrant Christian faith that expresses itself in the ministry, mainly in the local church. All instructors in the professional studies areas are in local church leadership, or in the case of counseling courses, may have professional practices. All instructors have a master’s degree or the prerequisite experience in their field. In our day 

program for the year 2016–2017 we have professors holding doctorate degrees, most with graduate degree, one with a master’s degree in process, and one with the prerequisite experience in the field of vocal music. By the end of the academic year we will have delivered thirteen courses in the day program. For our PACE program for the year 2016–2017, we have four of our professors with doctorates and all others with graduate degrees. And we anticipate offering twenty-one courses by the end of the academic year.


Alberta Bible College is incorporated under the laws of the Province of Alberta as an educational institution. Control of the policies of the college is vested in a Board of Trustees under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board. Administration is the responsibility of the President, appointed by the Board of Trustees, in coordination with the Cabinet consisting of the President, the Dean of Student Development, the Academic Dean and the Administrative Services Director.

The college staff consists of:

  • President: Stanley N. Helton, PhD
  • Administrative Services Director: Jean Myers
  • Interim Academic Dean: Sandra Osborne, MEd
  • Dean of Student Development: Cory Pytlarz, MTS
  • Enrolment Office and Student Development Chaplain: Shannon Gugyel, BA
  • Librarian and Registrar: Darcy Gullacher, MLIS
  • Facility Manager: Peter Kehler