Choose to Change Your World

Evangel – Spring 2013


LisaWe all have two choices in life: to change our world, or have it change us. I am choosing to change my world, and not let it change my children. You may wonder how I can make that choice for someone else. Simple! As my eldest daughter is making career plans, I have taken attendance at a Bible college off the table of options. What? It is true. Not attending a Bible college is not an option. Ever since kindergarten, my daughters have been told that one year of Bible college is mandatory. They just know, no questions asked, that Bible college is where they will be after high school.

Attending Bible college allows them to change their world. Even one year of Bible college pushes them to develop their own faith — not just “use” mine. Without feet firmly rooted in their own faith in Christ, I am afraid the secular world may change their minds about who Christ is, and who they are in Christ. Of course, as I am an Alberta Bible College alumnus, they will attend Alberta Bible College. Yet, if ABC had never existed, attending another Bible college would have been mandatory.

These next few years may be my last, best, direct chance to influence my children. Afterwards, I have to trust that God will still be firmly holding them in His hands. Attending Bible college will convince them that His embrace is the place to be. The world will not care if it changes my girls. But corners of the world will be changed because ABC encouraged my girls to be Christ’s hands and feet in their worlds.

I thank God for the practical ways attending ABC allow me to change my little corner of this world. And, I am so eager and excited to see how God plans to use my girls because they attended Bible college.

So, as you contemplate your life and those of the people you influence, you have one decision to make. Are you changing your world, or letting the world change you?

Lisa is the Learning Resource Coordinator and an Old Testament professor at Alberta Bible College. Besides studying the Bible as the only foundation for life, she loves teaching her students to see the literary beauty and creativity contained in each book. Creativity is an essential element of Lisa’s life: she is writing a book on comparative religion and mythology, and has two published book reviews. In addition, she finds the best way to relax is through the creativity of scrapbooking and photography. She is biased, but considers two of God’s greatest creations to be her two teenage daughters. She holds a Bachelor of Religious Education from ABC, a Library and Information Technology Diploma from SAIT, and a Master of Arts (Christian Studies) from Luther Rice University.