Campus News

Evangel – Fall 2015

Campus News

Student Body Retreat

This year’s student body retreat was a brand new experience for the twenty-seven students, staff, and family members who participated. The retreat began with high energy as the group braved the rollercoasters of West Edmonton Mall’s amusement park together. The group then spent two nights at a beautiful cabin nestled along the shores of Buffalo Lake in central Alberta. This venue provided a great environment for worship, orientation, water activities, good food, and connections between students and staff.


Incoming class

This year’s incoming class of eleven students features a distinctly national and international flavour. With roots stretching across Canada and around the world, our new students bring a rich diversity to the ABC student body. Yet even in this diversity, they are developing unity in their common life of study, prayer, and service.


Prayer for Dr. HeltonCongregation prays for Dr. Helton

The board prays for Dr. Helton; the assembly prays for ABC.