Book of Dreams

Evangel – Fall 2015


Lisa Cuthfourth

Okay. Steady, now. No! Stop! Don’t turn there!

My life as a librarian is that of a driving instructor. I take students fresh from social media and start them on the road to critical research. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that we use the term “information superhighway,” (although, the Internet informs me this term went out with the dinosaurs in the 1990s). When I dream of the future of libraries, I dare to dream…of paper. Paper, you ask? Born into the paper age, I love the tactile feeling of paper, and the ability to look industrious and scholarly with a dozen books spread out before me as I study. However, I am also a realist and realize my future in the library will be largely digital. There are at least duotrigintillion (1099) bytes of information (so Russ Rowlett, 2001) at our students’ fingertips. My job is, and will continue to be, a driving instructor: helping students navigate the tricky road of critical thought while being distracted by the flashing lights and billboard signs of useless information. Trapped in the turning lane amidst traffic whizzing by at dangerous speeds, I strongly encourage transformation. Information is only a tool, a vehicle, as it were, to transport them further along the road of Christ-likeness. Without a true connection to the Master Mechanic and regular checking of the Bible Map, those thinking they are on their way are really stuck or circling the traffic loop forever. Information is only part of becoming Christ-like. If students leave with only head knowledge, and not internalized heart knowledge of who Christ is, I have failed and the car has crashed. In reality, being a Christian librarian is a heavy responsibility. Therefore, while I’m traveling life with these students, this dinosaur will pull over to the “rest stop” of a paper book—it comes fully charged and ready to use—with sunlight the only power needed.

Library books

Lisa is the Learning Resource Coordinator and an Old Testament professor at Alberta Bible College. Besides studying the Bible as the only foundation for life, she loves teaching her students to see the literary beauty and creativity contained in each book. Creativity is an essential element of Lisa’s life: she is writing a book on comparative religion and mythology, and has two published book reviews. In addition, she finds the best way to relax is through the creativity of scrapbooking and photography. She is biased, but considers two of God’s greatest creations to be her two teenage daughters. She holds a Bachelor of Religious Education from ABC, a Library and Information Technology Diploma from SAIT, and a Master of Arts (Christian Studies) from Luther Rice University.