Board Update

Evangel – Summer 2014


I wish you could all have been at April’s graduation weekend. I was impressed by the high caliber of the twelve graduates and their willingness and eagerness to complete their schooling and begin a life of service. And that is why those on the Board are on-board for ABC. We see the value and the outcomes of the College—and we desire even bigger outcomes in the future for ABC.

Memorial GiftsMany of you have been asking where we are at in finding a president for the College. The Search Committee has evaluated a number of candidates and has presented their recommendations to the Board. That being said, there are many particulars to be worked out if a president is to be secured prior to the next school year. We are calling on all supporters and alumni to be in fervent prayer for God’s guidance as we rely on His wisdom and timing to supply our need.

The other common question is about how things are going financially. We are amazed by, and grateful to God and our support network for their faithfulness. We had budgeted for a deficit position this year because of low enrollment; however, it appears that we will not be far from a balanced budget at the end of the fiscal year (July 31). That said, we are entering the ‘summer giving slump’ right now, and next year’s budget will include almost a full year with a President on staff (we hope!) that we did not have in this year’s budget.

Cory PytlarzWe are pleased to announce the hiring of Cory Pytlarz as Student Development Director and instructor in Bible and Theology. Cory graduated from ABC in 2011 with a Bachelor of Religious Education. Since then he has completed Graduate Studies at Wycliffe College and Seminary at the University of Toronto. He has both teaching and mentoring experience and will be a good addition to the team. Cory replaces Sandra Osborne as Student Development Director; he will also teach many of the courses that have been taught by Ryan Scruggs. Sandra is leaving ABC to work full-time as a Certified Coach; she desires to use those skills to help people, of all ages and stages, be the best they can be. In July, Ryan and his family leave Calgary for McGill University in Montreal where Ryan will pursue doctoral studies. The Board thanks Sandra and Ryan deeply for their years of service and wishes them the best.

Thank you for your prayers and your continuing advocacy of the College.

Rick Rehn, Chair of the Board of Trustees