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Evangel – Summer 2014

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Heidi Pence
BRE, General Studies (1993)

Chaplain in the workplace?! What? My newest adventure in pursuit of Jesus and His kingdom involves serving as a Marketplace chaplain. I make weekly visits to one trucking company in the Canadian Siberia of Grande Prairie and will add a second trucking company to my schedule soon. Marketplace Chaplains is a company based in Dallas, Texas that provides chaplains to businesses of all kinds in a growing number of countries in the world, and I get to be one of them. I get to take Jesus, His love and grace into the workplace as part of the employee benefit program of employers who want to take caring for the employees to the next level. I love it.

My husband is the site pastor at the second location of the Grande Prairie Church of Christ. Scott and I love the people there and are encouraged and challenged by seeing God’s people living out their faith in their homes, their extended families and their workplaces. We’re a little isolated up here from many of the churches of our fellowship but I so wish I could introduce to you my many heroes in the faith that I get to share life with and tell the stories of God’s spirit flowing through your fellow travelers.

Personally, I still enjoy getting chances to speak and teach both inside our church family and outside, and I thrive on the pastoral opportunities that come from being a part of the family of God.

Scott and I have three vibrant, unique, and (surprisingly) vocal children. They teach us and challenge us and we are overwhelmed with the love and honour of being parents. God continues to use that experience to transform us into His image and He has much work left to do.

My years at ABC both as a student and as a staff member are irreplaceable. I was nurtured, equipped and released. I still remember the excitement and wonder of sitting in classes and taking notes on stuff that really mattered, stuff that mattered then, and honestly, that matters even more today.

Heidi Pence