Field Experience

All program students are required to take Field Experience. In a four-year program, six-eight credit hours of FE are required. Field Experience, as a credit course, is not merely offering credits for “doing service.” It is a structured course with communication and counsel. It is hoped that this structured situation will help develop a lifetime pattern.

The Field Experience program is designed to equip a student through service based upon supervision, counselling, reporting and evaluation. There are four components to the program:

Local Ministry

A regular weekly service designed to familiarize the student with a specific area of ministry during the school year. Should a student choose a para-church ministry, that student is required to identify and attend a local congregation.

Fall Ministry Experience

An intensive team 4 – 15 day practicum each November designed to acquaint the student with cross-cultural ministry and ministry to the lost and needy. Students are required to take time off from work and other ministry/school responsibilities during this time.

Spring Ministry Experience

An extended weekend team experience designed to expose the student to a different church setting and a variety of ministry opportunities. Students will travel to other centers in western Canada and need to request time off from work for their extended weekend.

Personal Ministry Opportunities

Regardless of structured ministry responsibility, every FE student is encouraged to respond appropriately and effectively to human need as it is encountered in the work place, school, church or living situation.