Financial Information


  • Canada Student Loans: Alberta Bible College (ABC) students taking ten (10) hours or more may qualify for Canada Student Loans. Application forms are available online.
  • Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund: Qualified Alberta students may also apply for an Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund Scholarship. Forms are available from Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund, Students Finance Board, 10th Floor, Baker Centre, 10025 -106 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 1G7.
  • Student Aid Fund: This fund is made possible by friends of the College and provides minimal amounts of temporary loan assistance to qualifying students. Rules governing these loans may be secured from the President.


The College carries accident insurance on all program students. This covers accidents on campus or while engaged in other facets of the College program, including Team travel. If you do have an accident, please get the necessary forms from the Student Development Director. International students must acquire either Alberta Health Care or its equivalent.

Student Body Fees

Each student pays $125 per semester. The Student Leadership team is responsible to manage this money. It is used for Student body expenses such as: producing the Year-disc, social events, and Commencement banquet tickets.

Financial Obligations

ABC has one of the lowest tuition rates available. Students should expect to operate on a “cash basis”. If there is a legitimate need to borrow, students should apply for Canada Student Loans.

All tuition and fees are due and payable on registration day of each semester. Under no circumstances will financial obligations be carried into a new semester. Outstanding debt is turned over to a Collection Agency.

Borrowing Money

Borrowing money from fellow students or roommates, even for a short time is not recommended. If there is a need, it is recommended that students approach parents or other family members.

Business Requirements

No transcripts, degrees or certificates, will be issued until all business requirements have been cleared or satisfactory arrangements made. These include:

  • finances,
  • Learning Resource Centre books and fines, and
  • mailbox keys.


Recipients of all scholarships must maintain a minimum 2.0 G.P.A. in all semesters of study to which the scholarship funding is applied or the scholarship is repayable.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

All tuition is due and payable on Registration Day each semester.

  • All books and fees are due and payable on Registration Day. No credit available.
  • In the event that a student requires credit from ABC, students may apply for a 75-day period, under the following conditions:
    1. Application must be made one-week prior to commencement of classes. No applications will be considered on Registration Day.
    2. Application must be accompanied by $100 administrative charge.
    3. The interest on any outstanding balance is 18% per annum or 1.5% per month, compounded monthly, and calculated from Registration Day.
  • Regarding the credit policy, you will have to do your own math, but it is probably cheaper to find other sources of credit. Credit is available, to address any number of circumstances (loan applications, summer job payments, etc.), but there is no free credit available.


In order for students to pay their own way, a job is often essential. At the same time, jobs can impede your purposes for being in Calgary and at ABC. When accepting a job, students are expected to be able to get time off for Student Body Retreat, Fall Ministry Experience, and Spring Ministry Experience. It is also expected that students will not work during the January Prayer & Ministry Retreat. These requests need to be made to the employer as early as possible.

Twelve to sixteen credit hours is recognized as a full academic load. The following guideline is designed to help you balance work commitments and academic load.

If your weekly Academic Load is: Your weekly outside Work Load may be:
15 to 17 hours 14 hours or less
12 to 14 hours 14 to 20 hours
10 to 12 hours 20 to 30 hours
6 to 10 hours 30 hours or more

Alternatively, you can use this as a guideline for how to invest the hours God has given you each week.

Activity Hours required Hours remaining
(168 hrs/week)
Full time student load (includes class time, homework, PML) 55 hours/week 113 hours
Sleep 55 hours/week 58 hours
Sabbath 16 hours/week 42 hours
Work 14 hours/week 28 hours
Discretionary time 4 hours/day 0 hours


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