• B101 Grasping God’s Word3
    This course examines God’s revelation of himself in the Bible with application to how we live faithfully in today’s world. It includes a study of the formation of the Bible and teaches a method for independent Bible study, including an emphasis on grammatical-historical interpretation of Scripture.
  • B111 Old Testament Literature3
    This course surveys the books of the Hebrew Bible with particular attention paid to the history of the Israelite nation within the context of the Ancient Near East.
  • B121 New Testament Literature3
  • B122 Life and Teachings of Jesus3
    The life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth will be explored according to the material presented in the synoptic gospels. Particular attention will be given to the historical, political, and cultural background of 1st century Palestine.
  • B211 The Pentateuch3
  • B221 Acts of the Apostles3


Bible/Theology Electives12




  • G101 Communications Theory3
    This course explores what communication actually is and how to ensure the message that is sent is what is actually perceived and understood, via both verbal and nonverbal communication. Students will develop and deliver oral presentations.



Social Sciences9

Technology/Science Elective3

General Education Electives Electives24

Bachelor of Sacred Literature

4 Years / 128 Credit Hours
2.00 G.P.A. Minimum


This highly flexible degree program is designed to equip a student to serve the church and promote the gospel. It is designed in the classical English Bible reader tradition, for those who wish to maximize learning in English Bible.


Learners in the B.S.L. will:

  1. Demonstrate competency in understanding, interpreting, applying, and communicating the biblical message.
  2. Demonstrate appreciation and understanding of the work of God and his Church throughout history and contemporary culture.
  3. Desire to reach, teach, and nurture others in the Christian faith.
  4. Practice discipline in developing a spiritual life that fosters personal and professional well-being.
  5. Articulate the principles of the Stone-Campbell movement within the larger context of Christian history.
  6. Demonstrate a willingness to love and serve God and people.
  7. Develop the skills and attitudes of a life-long learner.

This program qualifies for Canada and Alberta Student Loans.