Yes, ABC is still here


“…this hugging extrovert is struggling with empty halls…”

Wow, this Covid-19 thing does not seem to be going away any time soon. ABC moved all courses online in mid-March in response to protective measures mandated by the provincial and municipal governments. While I am grateful for videoconferencing, it is not quite the same as having students present on campus, and this hugging extrovert is struggling with empty halls at Alberta Bible College, as people shelter in place and stay home to protect each other.

Yes, ABC is still here and we are accepting new students. In PACE you can join us as soon as May 19th or July 28th, otherwise, our fall semester enrollments continue with classes beginning September 8 for the College and PACE programs.

This fall might find us continuing with online video courses if Covid-19 restrictions continue. If not, what a great reunion it will be to gather again on campus and share our isolation war stories.

I hope you will be part of our ABC community and pursue God through study and transformational learning. Let’s press on towards God’s “next” as we serve and witness for Christ together.

  • Shannon G, Enrollment Officer