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Our daytime college program runs Tuesday to Friday in the mornings and early afternoons, with the odd evening class.  It is run in a traditional college schedule with two semesters in which you will complete your courses. Click on College for more details.


Professional Adult Christian Education is accredited college training as well, but delivered in an innovative manner. It has been honed to help you learn the way you learn best as a mature student. In PACE you will take one course over a 6 week period, on Tuesday nights, along with a cohort who will walk through the program together with you. Click on PACE for more details.

Come meet us and see why thousands of hungry believers like yourself have chosen ABC as their training ground since 1932.

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NOW is a good time…

May 14, 2020

Covid-19: Confession, Commitment, and Capacity

Perhaps, so far, I’m among the lucky ones. My work has continued, my travel schedule has been wiped clean, some commitments have been postponed, and I have had a chance to catch my breath a bit—and it came at a time I needed it. But Covid-19 has been a disrupter; my taken-for-granted activities of movement and gathering, like yours, have become gridlocked. The repetitive cycle between office and bed, with intermittent random TV, attempts to creep into the vacuum left by those other things I use to do. I’m grateful to our Creator for that patch of creation I call the “yard”—which is getting more attention than it has in years.

FaceTime Face-Off

In the “in-between,” you know, the space between the normal and the hoped-for new normal, I live with a tension. The “experts” on Facebook and other social media caution with forked-tongue: “use this time to rest, to recalibrate” vs. “use this time to catch-up, to prepare for when Covid-19 is over.” I wonder if this might be something of a both/and rather than an either/or option.

“…now is possibly the time to let them go.”

What if we do a bit of both? On the one hand, let’s not fill in the vacuum so quickly. Chances are you were, like me, too busy before the crisis came. Before you take on another task, think carefully about how it fits in the journey God has you on. If it does not fit, let it pass. Having those things taken off your plate, now might be a good time to reassess, and keep them off your plate indefinitely, instead of recommitting to them in the new normal. If you found in the old normal that certain commitments created much stress as the deadlines approached, and that you wondered whether you should have done them in the first place—now is possibly the time to let them go.

“Now is a good time to explore…”

NOW is a good time to explore what God has for you. If you have that sense, move in that direction, and fight that “need to be needed” that drives our over-commitments. If you have a sense of your calling, use this time to drill deeper into it. If this is a down time for you, work on building your capacity. If you are among those unemployed because of the crisis, use this time to become better at what you are passionate about. Read that pivotal book in your field that you have put off because of the demands of work. Learn something new that will invest in your future and bless those near you.

“…have the courage to make the move that aligns you with God’s calling.”

If you have not been doing what you have been made to do—and you sense it deep down—have the courage to make the move that aligns you with God’s calling. Finally, in your relationship with God and his people, take the rest—God is getting us ready for the next. But also drill deeper into the divine life while you might have some time because the world will be working hard to get back to normal soon and it will want to drag you along with it.

A special Covid offering

May 7, 2020

Are you between an ending and a beginning?

We have slashed the cost of this PACE course, for this in-between season.

For more information and to register…

Registration Deadline is May 12

Yes, ABC is still here

May 6, 2020

“…this hugging extrovert is struggling with empty halls…”

Wow, this Covid-19 thing does not seem to be going away any time soon. ABC moved all courses online in mid-March in response to protective measures mandated by the provincial and municipal governments. While I am grateful for videoconferencing, it is not quite the same as having students present on campus, and this hugging extrovert is struggling with empty halls at Alberta Bible College, as people shelter in place and stay home to protect each other.

Yes, ABC is still here and we are accepting new students. In PACE you can join us as soon as May 19th or July 28th, otherwise, our fall semester enrollments continue with classes beginning September 8 for the College and PACE programs.

This fall might find us continuing with online video courses if Covid-19 restrictions continue. If not, what a great reunion it will be to gather again on campus and share our isolation war stories.

I hope you will be part of our ABC community and pursue God through study and transformational learning. Let’s press on towards God’s “next” as we serve and witness for Christ together.

  • Shannon G, Enrollment Officer

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